Office of Undergraduate Research

Brain Control of Human Movement

The focus of this project is to better understand cortical control mechanisms involved in human movement. The specific objectives of this work include:

1. Investigate how visual attention to a target affects eye movement.

2. Clarify the relationship between visual attention and motor intention.

3. Identify how different areas of the cerebral cortex contribute to goal-directed movement. Methodology:

1. Human psychophysics on college aged volunteers while eye movements are tracked using an infrared camera system.

2. Human functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) while tracking eye movements in the scanner. All of the fMRI experiments are performed at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Student's tasks and responsibilities will vary based on experience and comfort of the student, but may include:

1. Collecting and analyzing eye tracking data.
2. Simple computer script writing for experiments.
3. Assist with data collection for the functional neuroimaging experiments at the Medical College of Wisconsin.
4.Presentation of research findings through abstract writing, presentations at national/international conferences and/or manuscript preparation.