Office of Undergraduate Research

Theory Development for the Optimized Hierarchical Microstructures of Composites

The objective of the proposed research is on the robust evaluation, prediction, and identification of the performance of metallic composites. Specifically, we focus on the structural and mechanical property of hierarchical microstructures for enhanced macroscopic performances of composites. Such hierarchical composites are one of the most attractive materials for energy-efficient light weight construction and vehicle applications. A systemic, multi-scale computer model will be developed to describe the structural impacts on the mechanical properties. The computation employs two levels of computational techniques, molecular dynamics (MD), and finite element analysis (FEA).

Tasks and responsibilities:

Typical student tasks and responsibilities will include 1) literature survey for mechanical material property data collection for nano particles and metallic matrix, 2) initial mesh generation using hyperMesh software for FEA modeling, and 3) geometry data transfer from commercial product to FEA modeling.