Office of Undergraduate Research

Integration of hearing aids and cochlear implants with an Internet-based computing platform.

Our long-term goal is to develop an Internet-based computing platform to improve speech perception in noise by hearing aids users and cochlear implants listeners. Toward this end, the objective of this project is to develop a prototype system to establish the Internet connectivity for hearing aids and cochlear implants by using Google Android phones. We will develop our prototype on the Texas Instrument OMAP35x Evaluation Module (EVM) which through Bluetooth can be connected to Google Android phones, which in turn will be connected to an Internet-based computing platform.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Under my supervision, the student is expected to carry out this project in three steps: " Develop program code to configure OMAP3530 EVM and WL127, and set up the software development environment (SDK) under LINUX (UBUNTU) environment. " Set up the Bluetooth interface on WL1271 to the Google Android phones and implement the functionality of streaming voice data from OMAP35X EVM to Android phones and vice-versa. " Develop an Android phone application to transfer the data from the OMAP35x EVM to an Internet-based computing platform that will be developed in my lab.