Office of Undergraduate Research

Feasibility and Acceptability of a Dyadic Observational Communication Study among HIV-positive African American Persons and Their Informal Support Providers

For this project, we will be interviewing 20 African American HIV-infected dyads to get a better understanding of the type of interpersonal support that they have and need, especially as it relates to HIV treatment adherence. Dyads who participate in the study will complete survey measures and participate in a communication task. Their data will be used to develop a culturally-appropriate social support-focused adherence intervention.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Students who participate in this important study will have the opportunity to recruit, screen, and enroll participants. Most students begin participation in the lab by transcribing interview data or learning how to code communication behaviors. However, advanced students will be invited to administer the interviews, contribute to data analysis, and develop posters for presentation at research conferences.