Office of Undergraduate Research

Development of an automated patch-clamp assay for GABAa receptor subtype selective molulators

The objective of this research is the establishment of a patch-clamp assay to determine the selectivities andefficacies of novel benzodiazepine-based compounds towards different subtypes of the GABAa receptor. An automated patch-clamp instrument (Ionflux, Fluxion) was will be used in this research.

Tasks and responsibilities:

1. The generation of transiently transfected cells and the measurement of membrane potentials of these cells in the presence of novel benzodiazepine compounds using an automated patch-clamp instrument. 2. Adding different concentrations of small molecules to measure the concentration dependent efficacies of GABAa receptor modulators. 3. Providing accurate documentation for the experiments conducted. 4. Presenting work during our group meetings once a week.