Office of Undergraduate Research

RETRACTION interactive installation project / ongoing Archiving project

RETRACTION is a multimedia narrative environment comprised of several video and sound-equipped rooms connected by closed doors, that involves viewer engagement with fictional characters. RETRACTION is now designed and programmed. Temporary video has been shot. We recorded sound, made soundscapes for use in the installation, and built a sensor control unit. Sets, d├ęcor and video production are the primary remaining tasks that need to be focused on. Parallel to this and other art projects is an ongoing Archiving project, which involves the organizing, labeling and preservation of my work in installation, photography, video and film over the last 30 years. Some of this material is in the form of documents, but much of it is visual material of all types.

Tasks and responsibilities:

The student would be given a variety of tasks and responsibilities: 1. Locating all extant photographic works, 2. Creating a computer database 3. Reorganizing files storage and the studio. For the Archiving project, the student will need to take responsibility for the organization of written, photographic, video and computer-based material, and to scan and upload some of this material to the web.