Office of Undergraduate Research

Computer Aided Design and Machining in the Production of Art

In my research I have been interested in exploring the social implications of modern utilitarian objects and the effects of technology in the design and creation of those objects. Computers are already used to automatically manufacture objects and products, and in the future computers will be capable of creating complete systems with no limit to complexity. The inputs to these fabrication systems will be raw materials and simple data. The future of design, whether for a mass produced product, an affordable custom designed prosthetic, a fine arts object, or for a piece of jewelry sold at your local jeweler, is going to be forever changed by these technologies. I propose to use a CNC (computer numerically controlled) milling machine to create 21 unique art works to be exhibited. These objects will serve as an investigation into the shift in technology that future three-dimensional artists will be faced with in the creation of art.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Students will be responsible for: 1. Assisting in the design and machining of objects 2. Assisting in the production of new one of a kind art objects. Specific tasks will be assisting in the creation of programming cutting operations on a the requested IH square column mill, running a CNC mill and moitoring it's progress as it cuts out components, anodizing components, and assembling completed object.