Office of Undergraduate Research

The Effects of Pressure on Behavior of Daphnia Magna/ The Effects of Colloids on the Behavior of Paramecium

The objective of this research is to create three dimensional photographs and videos of daphnia interacting with their liquid environment in order to better understand how daphnia move and how they react to different stimuli. In order to achieve this, two infrared lasers have been set up and are directed into two cameras. The daphnia are glued by their carpace to animal hairs and placed in a small vessel through which the light is projected. The images from the cameras are integrated using the computer and produce a three dimensional image. This project is located at the School of Freshwater Science: 600 E. Greenfield Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53204 ***Campus Shuttle Service to The School of Freshwater Science is now available!***

Tasks and responsibilities:

The student is tasked to grow algae, feed daphnia, glue daphnia to the animal hairs for study, learn to set up the lasers and cameras, make photographs and videos of the daphnia, and to learn to interpret the videos. In addition, to learn as much as possible about the research, contemporary research, and the lab equpiment they will be using.