Office of Undergraduate Research

Beatrice Manley website; research and development

I have been working on a website about the work and life of American actress/teacher/writer Beatrice Manley. The website can be accessed at I am looking for someone who can help me research the subject further and who can also link and publicize the website.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Archiving of website materials, including a substantial personal correspondance; web research; publicity support. You would do a variety of things. I have been commissioned by the Wisconsin Arts Board to do a study of work in our region. I plan to do 10 4-8 hour shoots over Spring and summer. Each shoot needs to be researched and set up. (I plan to spend a days at Kohler, another at Johnson Wax, etc. etc. You would learn something about each site, contact people there and set up tours/shoots, and then work on the pictures when they come back. I am working on another book and show about a Dionysian carnival in Greece. I also have a lot of studio organization to do. Among these tasks are setting up a new darkroom, archiving my photographs, and organizing a website.