Office of Undergraduate Research

Biomedical and Public Health Informatics

Biomedical and Public Health research depends on the collection and sophisticated analysis of large collections of genetic, biological, physiological, patient and public health date. Sophisticated analysis includes the use of mathematical modeling, simulations, predictions, and a host of computational and statistical tools. My lab, Laboratory for Personalized Medicine, examines a collection of personalized medicine and public health questions using a collection of modeling, computational and simulation methods and approaches. If you are interested in the emerging technologies such as cloud computing, high throughput sequencing, massive data analysis and high-throughput computational modeling consider one of several projects at LPM. We study the use of genetics in medicine, health disparities emerging from personalized treatment, comparative effectiveness and public health.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Students will be taught emerging and new methods in computational biomedical informatics and public health. Students will learn about scientific databases, cloud computing, and mathematical modeling and computational tools. Data analysis will be performed by a collection of software packages. Students will be allowed to pursue their interests and skill development based on past experience, current interests and future educational and career objective.