Office of Undergraduate Research

Foreign direct investment and publicly available information: calculating a country information index

To develop an information index for a specific set of countries using publicly available information in news reports. This index will then be used to empirically assess the role of public information as a determinant of foreign direct investment. Methodology: The primary methodology is to compile information that will be used to calculate an information index. This will consist of searching a database of articles from the Wall Street Journal for articles and information on specific countries. This information will then be categorized and entered into a database to be used to calculate an index of information.

Tasks and responsibilities:

1. The primary task will be to search the Wall Street Journal over a specific time period (likely one year) and record the number, length, and type of article/information on the specific countries of interest. Judging the type of information may require reading the articles to determine the amount and type of content included.

2. The student will be included in discussions of data collection methodology and will have some input into the categorization of the country information.

3. The student may also be involved in using the developed information index to examine its role as a determinant of foreign direct investment between and U.S. and the specific countries of interest.