Office of Undergraduate Research

Developing a modified Dynamic Gait Index for Wearers of Multifocal Lens Glasses

The R2D2 Center and the researcher are involved in a line of research that is exploring the effects of multifocal lens eyeglasses (i.e., lined bifocals and trifocals, unlined progressives) on gait and increased risk of falling for wearers. The objective of this study, based on previous research, is to develop a modified, shortened version of the Dynamic Gait Index (DGI) that is specifically sensitive to the effects multifocal lens glasses on gait for both new and experienced multifocal lens wearers. Subjects will be tested in multple DGI conditions both with and without their glasses to determine if a specific set of activities consistently differentiates between functional mobility with and without the multifocal lens glasses. A within-subjects between-conditions mixed methods repeated-measures MANOVA will be conducted to analyze the data.

Tasks and responsibilities:

The student will be responsible for subject participation, including recruiting, contacting, and administering the study protocol and collecting data. The student will also take part in the study preparations, such as submitting an IRB, writing a protocol script, and set up of the necessary equipment. The student will also be involved in data analysis.