Office of Undergraduate Research

Auditory Transitive Inference

Until now, tasks exploring the inherent inferential capacities of human memory have been limited to visual stimuli,and of those, the tasks can be construed as largely spatial. The rapidly expanding literature on this subject treat stransitive inference as a general aspect of memory formation, but it has never been tested in humans outside the domain of visual stimuli. While not all perceptual modalities are well-suited to this sort of task, auditory stimuli are, and will serve as an excellent test of the generalizability of transitive inference capacities. Instead of participants learning complex relations among visual stimuli (e.g, Greene 2006) they will learn similar relations among auditory stimuli. We will use synthetic sounds, all with the same fundamental frequency, but with different combinations of harmonic frequencies which will give each tone a unique timbre. Whether performance mirrors or differs from visual performance will be a novel contribution to the literature.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Data collection and analysis