Office of Undergraduate Research

Muscle activity during free-living conditions in older adults

The first goal is to continue to validate a portable EMG unit (microEMG, OT Bioelectronica) as a useful research tool to quantify long term physical activity through muscle activation. Secondly, we will use microEMG and accelerometry to quantify and describe differences in muscle activation between healthy young and old adults. To accomplish the first objective, we will compare data from microEMG with the previously validated Noraxon EMG system during a pre-selected battery of tasks such as activities of daily living (i.e. sweeping, walking, lifting, etc.). We will accomplish the second objective by using the microEMG and accelerometers to obtain readings from separate groups of young and old adults. To answer our hypothesis, we will evaluate different aspects of the microEMG and accelerometer signals, such as periods of activity and sedentary behavior, in order to better understand physical activity patterns between young and old adults.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Students will be involved in the pilot testing and will participate in subject recruitment for testing.