Office of Undergraduate Research

Development of Research and Conference Portal for GLIDE: Global Interaction in Design Education

GLIDE currently highlights the research and collaborations of designers across the globe. It provides a collaborative space through which designers, educators, and researchers can share ideas and looks at upcoming trends facing the industry. In past years, GLIDE conferences had a broad theme of indigenous design and showcased work from a range of disciplines including engineering, anthropology, mathematics, and education. GLIDE mobile conference and publication app addresses the critical need for dialog and accessible research around design in an accessible format.

Tasks and responsibilities:

The student will have to have to following responsibilities: 1. Research into existing research and conference related iPhone Apps. 2. Research into functionality and design features for the research and conference App. 3. Initial ideation and design work for GLIDE 2012 brand. 4. Participate in bi-weekly Skype meetings with nationally recognized design educators and practitioners on the conference board.