Office of Undergraduate Research


Research in our group centers on synthesis and assembly of nanoparticles for advanced technological device applications. Plasmas or partially ionized gases serve as tools for producing nanoparticles. We have developed a simple and versatile mini-arc plasma source for rapid synthesis of nanocrystals with controlled size, morphology, structure, and composition. We have also developed a technique to efficiently assemble nanoparticles onto various substrates with considerable control. Ongoing projects include experimental and numerical studies on plasma synthesis of nanoparticles, nanoparticle assembly, fabrication of nanoparticle-based electronic devices, novel applications of carbon nanotubes, and plasma reacting flows. We have strong collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory, other universities, major US industries, and several other UWM academic units. Most of our projects are at the intersection of interesting fundamental science and industrial applications with opportunities for new discoveries.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Students will have opportunities to participate in the synthesis of nanoparticles using an in-house reactor, fabrication of a nanosensor using these nanoparticles, and to test the resulting sensor performance. Qualified students will be provided with competitive hourly salary.