Office of Undergraduate Research

Interactive Multimedia Spanish Exercise Bank

The Online Spanish Activity Bank Project aims to create a comprehensive activity bank consisting of two parts: 1) grammar activity bank and 2) culture activity bank. The grammar activity bank will help students better understand the grammar points covered in the textbooks by integrating technology with authentic materials. The students will engage in multimedia interactive activities instead of tedious grammar drills. The culture activity bank will cover all the cutural topics taught in the Arriba and Conexiones textbooks. The texts offer few activities for the purpose of assessment. Thus, our goal is to create corresponding activities that will help students digest the textbooks' culture and grammar lessons. The project will be implemented with the help from the Language Resource Center (LRC) in term of using some of the instructional technology necessary for the purpose. An LRC graduate assistant (Timothy Walsh) has been assigned to be the technical support for the project.

Tasks and responsibilities:

The student would 1) work with faculty on identifying the grammar and culture content that the project will focus on; 2) research online resources on the relevant topics; 3) work with the LRC GA to create the activities (10 to 20 activities for grammar and culture for each chapter) using the appropriate Web 2.0 applications, flash animation and video editing programs; 4) get feedback from faculty on the activities that the student creates; and 5) make these activities available online for students to access.