Office of Undergraduate Research

Development and Evaluation of a Pilot Radio Segment and Web-Video Clip Series on Assistive Technology and Disability

Recently, we've seen a growing population of people that require or will require more assistive technology (AT) as Americans age (Graying of America), war casualties increase, and we improve our emergency medical response. However, tens of thousands of new and developing AT and medical devices are being invented and tested to increase the quality of our life when we encounter disabilities. This proposed research project will pilot a radio segment with web-based video clips that will contain interviews from professionals in the field, with satisfied and unsatisfied patients, and a brief summary of the "technology of the week". Following development, these pilot segments will be tested to determine their effectiveness in interesting an audience, instructing the listeners/viewers about the new AT, and the success of enticing the audience into further participation. Data will be collected using the Internet for diverse and widespread participation, but for practicality, target UWM students.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Assist in creation of radio and web segments.