Office of Undergraduate Research

Lake Effect Production Assistant

WUWM 89.7 FM - Milwaukee Public Radio has served as southeastern Wisconsin's premiere listener-supported public radio source providing quality news, public affairs and entertainment programming since 1964. It broadcasts locally-produced, award-winning, in-depth news and public affairs programming and carries national and international news from NPR, Public Radio International and American Public Media. Interns will have an opportunity to learn about various aspects of Milwaukee Public Radio, gain hands-on experience and help WUWM achieve its goals. The Lake Effect Production Assistant will apply academic coursework to a hands-on practical experience. The internship will expose you to tasks and projects that will provide practical experience for future job opportunities. Interns will problem-solve in a real work environment and exchange ideas with experienced professionals. By the completion of the internship, interns will hopefully have gained pride in and appreciation of the field.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Lake Effect Production Assistants will be responsible for researching segments, including providing background information to interviewers on assigned topics, identifying topical themes related to current events, and generating original segment ideas. Interns will also be responsible for coordinating and booking guests for recording, which includes identifying appropriate experts and providing interviewers with pertinent biographical information. Lake Effect Production Assistants will also be required to learn audio editing techniques on the program Adobe Audition and edit at least 5 interviews by the completion of the internship. Students will observe and work with Lake Effect staff on journalistic principles and fundamentals as well as interview techniques, with the goal of conducting at least one interview before the end of the internship. (This will be determined based on the students' performance and skill set.) In addition, interns must be punctual and adhere to the work schedule determined at the beginning of the semester, though timing will be flexible. Students should also be prepared to work in a professional environment and conduct themselves at all times as representatives of the station.