Office of Undergraduate Research

"Ni de Aquí ni de Allá/ From neither Here nor There"

Ni de Aqui ni de Alla/ from neither Here nor There, is an ongoing art exhibit and research project that consists of interviewing Latino immigrants on Milwaukee's south side, transcribing and translating the interviews, and developing large format woodcut images inspired by these stories. Many of the families interviewed so far, have children participating in the Latino Arts Strings program at the United Community Center. The project is now in it's third phase. The first, fueled by the Fromkin Lectureship in 2012, consisted of archival as well as primary source research about Latinos in Milwaukee. This was presented in concert with excerpts from the interviews, at a lecture presented in October of 2012 at the Latino Arts Auditorium. We continue to work on the carving and printing of new prints, and the compilation of project information into a booklet or project handbook that can serve as a resource for other artists and educators who work with similar goals. The work from this project has travelled as a whole to three galleries, and one print is now included in the Milwaukee Art Museums permanent collection. Another is currently on display at the Museum of American Art in St. Paul MN. After working with Milwaukee's Latino community for 15 years, and on the eve of renewed bi-partisan interest in immigration reform, I want this project to give voice to stories of the project participants whose lives are profoundly impacted by the ongoing struggle for immigrant rights.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Student is responsible for assisting with all aspects of this project, form audio and photographic documentation of interviews, extending through to the different stages of image development, block preparation, transfer, carving, printing. This coming spring and summer (2016), we will be working with ARTWORKS for Milwaukee to complete a research and mural project about the history of the United Migrant Opportunities Services (UMOS). Students will participate in gathering oral histories from migrant organizers and those knowledgeable about the movement, as well as transcribing, photo documenting, and image-making for the murals. The will be working with other students from MSOE, two UWM grad assistants from History, as well as high school student interns from underserved areas in Milwaukee.