Office of Undergraduate Research

Studio Processes in Metalsmithing

In this project students will be assisting with is the fabrication of a body of artwork that is being created for installation at James Watrous Gallery in Madison Wisconsin, winter of 2013. We will explore both traditional and experimental sculptural techniques, to create works that reflect the ideas and methods implemented in my current work. My current body of work titled Commemoration of Occasion is a creative inquiry into the way metalsmithing hand techniques are represented in mass-produced objects. My research methodology begins with the collecting of various domestic metal wares (i.e. Happy anniversary platter, Christmas cookie plate, Wisconsin Dells coin plate&) from thrift stores around the Wisconsin region. Through the process of fragmenting the found metal objects into smaller parts, molding and casting these parts in copper-looking plastic, I then re-assemble the plastic parts into larger sculptural forms.

Tasks and responsibilities:

The students primary role is to assist with the fabricating of a series of sculptures. They will apply metalsmithing and sculptural techniques and processes, previously performed in her courses taken including, but not limited to: soldering, sawing and piercing, enameling, filing and sanding, basic forming techniques, patination and buffing. As we explore ways to create works using previous methods of molding, casting, and building, students will be experimenting with unfamiliar outcomes with the materials of metal, plastic, and wood. Using her knowledge of the making process, she will apply their own experiences to this aspect of studio work.