Office of Undergraduate Research

Partners in Pursuit of the Promise

Partners in Pursuit of the Promise will provide breast cancer education/screening referral/follow-up to medically under-served women in Southeastern Wisconsin. The program women with incomes up to 400% of the federal poverty level, 40 - 74 years of age, who have not received CBE/mammography screening within the past 12 months. Partners in Pursuit of the Promise provides culturally competent evidence-based breast cancer education, CBE/mammography screening, case management and follow-up to uninsured/under-insured African American women. The program aims to improve early breast cancer detection through increased screening and to eliminate barriers to breast cancer screening and treatment. Each women recruited and engaged in the program will complete a breast cancer screening and demographic profile. The information and data will be used to describe the scope of needs among under-served women in Southeastern Wisconsin and the impact of the program.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Prior to participating in this project students will complete an online Human Subjects Protection Training Module. Afterwards, research interns will work with the Principal Investigator in the review of related literature and the development an evidence table; review, coding, and entry of project data; and, analysis and reporting of project outcomes. Selected students will also be afforded an opportunity to work along-side nurse specialists in the implementation of an breast health protocol.