Office of Undergraduate Research

Latino/a Voices in Southeastern Wisconsin

The research project has the primary goal of allowing students to investigate prominent Latinos and Latinas in the area who have made their mark in education, business, the arts, and community-service. Students will be expected to first familiarize themselves with the Golda Meir library--a step that will be facilitated by the faculty mentor and which will be very helpful for their undergraduate years at UWM--as they gain an overview of the Latino contributions to the area in a broader scope. The next step is to find role models in the area and attempt to contact them either for an interview or to gather more information on them for their final report of the research.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Student will gain a general overview of the impact of Latinos in Southeastern Wisconsin as well as a concrete sample of role models found in the area. From issues concerning to Latinos in general to links to other shared experiences with other minority groups, the students who participate in this project will further their socio-cultural awareness in an interactive and inspirational fashion.