Office of Undergraduate Research

Enhancement of Heat Extraction from Geothermal Reservoir using CO2 as a Working Fluid

Geologic sequestration of CO2 into brine-bearing deep formations is suggested as a viable means to reduce these emission. Recent investigation suggests that CO2 could also be used as a working fluid in geothermal energy capture rather than treating it as a waste fluid. This novel approach could help to utilize geothermal electricity generation and help to sequester CO2 into deep saline formation. Even if the idea has been suggested, the practical feasibility must be evaluated because the injected CO2 will tend to escape from the geothermal reservoir due to the density contrast between CO2 and brine.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Students will work interactively with the faculty in order to develop an improved understanding of the fundamentals of thermodynamic processes (e.g., heat capacity, thermal conductivity, viscosity, and density) and supercritical CO2 transport in geothermal reservoirs.