Office of Undergraduate Research

Efforts of the Hmong Human Rights Movement to Pass the Hmong Veterans' Naturalization Act

The methodology portion of this research will consist of interviews and analysis of secondary sources. The objectives of this research project will be: 1. To conduct interviews with activists in Minneapolis/St. Paul and Milwaukee area. A transcription will be required from the student outlining the questions asked with specific dates and times of the interview. A detailed and organized transcription must be validated with a form of audio or video tape. 2. To analyze secondary sources found on published media. The student will provide a valid publication date and cite their sources. 3. To analyze and construct a concrete timeline of events and activities that will record the Hmong Human Rights Movement's actions. 4. To edit and add scholarly articles to the literature review portion of this research project.

Tasks and responsibilities:

The student will be responsible for conducting interviews, providing a thorough and polished research paper that includes an abstract, literature review, methodology, analysis and discussion, and conclusion. Other materials that are to be produced are interview transcripts, list of questions used during interviews, audiotapes/videotapes, and documentation of all sources used for the research paper.