Office of Undergraduate Research

Psychmine (Psychometrics and Data Mining in Marketing) laboratory

Do you have strong computing and math skills? Do you know the difference between a tweet and a twit? Are you interested in how online social friendships influence purchase behavior? Would you like to gain skills in the fast growing segment of marketing and social media analytics? Then please read on. Our aims as a research group are twofold. First, we aim to develop new quantitative techniques for the analysis of data. Second, we aim to apply these techniques to data analytic problems in the domains of marketing and social media. Our foundational disciplines are psychometrics and data mining. Psychometrics is a branch of applied statistics that focuses on the measurement aspects of data. Psychometrics techniques have a plethora of applications, including questionnaire design and analysis, classification, prediction, and visualization. Data mining techniques have similar applications, but there is more of an emphasis on algorithmic efficiency and scalability. Overall, we aim to meld techniques and models from these disciplines to create data analysis methods that are practical, scalable, and theoretically sound.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Possible student tasks include analyzing and gathering data, computer programming and debugging, running experiments, and conducting literature reviews. The student will initially be assigned simple tasks and if successful will graduate to more involved research tasks. I will help the student to develop technical research skills that will be valuable in both academia and industry.