Office of Undergraduate Research

Examining the Efficacy of a Facebook-Mediated Intervention to Increase Steps per Day in Female Freshmen

The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of social media to increase physical activity (PA) levels in college freshman. This 8-week, randomized-controlled trial will include 64 female freshmen who are not regularly active. Participants will be enrolled in one of two groups: an theoretically-based PA intervention delivered via email or a theoretically-based PA intervention delivered via Facebook. Change in pedometer-determined steps per day, anthropometrics (height, weight, waist and hip circumference), and psychological constructs will be assessed before and after the 8-week intervention.

Tasks and responsibilities:

- Assist with participant recruitment. - Assist with screening potential participants. - Manage study excel file which will include tracking participant recruitment (who was screened, enrolled, and disqualified), weekly reports from participants of their average steps per day, participant intervention status and progress, and intervention engagement including Facebook posts (posts about physical activity, posts encouraging others, responses to others' posts) and responses to messages from the intervention leader (type of response, questions asked). - Assist with data collection. - Enter data on participant characteristics, baseline measures, and questionnaire responses.