Office of Undergraduate Research

Neurological Sequelae and Effective Prevention of the choking Game

The Choking Game is the commonly used term for asphyxial activities frequently engaged in by young adolescents in the US and other western countries. There are various techniques used to cause the person to lose consciousness by restricting blood or oxygen flow to the brain. These techniques include constricting blood flow to the brain and putting the person in a "sleeper" hold. It is believed that each instance of this activity causes damage to the brain, and it is known that there is risk of death, especially when youth do this activity by themselves (rather that in a group).

Tasks and responsibilities:

1) supervised data management, data analysis, and qualitative data coding on ongoing projects 2) performing literature reviews on the Choking Game and neurological effects of asphyxiation from different causes 3) collaborating on pilot projects on neurological outcomes