Office of Undergraduate Research

edTPA: Technology Directions

With the new requirement of the edTPA, a performance assessment of teacher candidates, teacher education programs across the state of Wisconsin are faced with many challenges. Among these challenges is the need for faculty and students to understand and use video recording to effectively represent meaningful teaching and learning. This research project is an action research project studying the types of training and teaching technologies that are most effective for the implementation of a national performance assessment of preservice teachers. Specifically focused on teaching and training faculty and students in a university/college (IHE) setting about recording and editing video, the faculty and staff in two colleges at UW-Milwaukee are interested in identifying best practice for our own work and to share as we collaborate with local IHEs and other UW system universities.

Tasks and responsibilities:

The work would include, but not be limited to: - literature review of technology training methodologies employed in IHEs and corporate sectors - helping to develop multiple, testable models for use with faculty and students - helping to produce and deliver the training, including any ancillary pieces surrounding that (documentation, videos, & copying.) - eliciting feedback from faculty and students to form the basis of data for supporting research findings - helping to organize that feedback in a form to be presented to the edTPA Steering Committee and other interested persons, which would take the form of training recommendations, including pros and cons of each approach