Office of Undergraduate Research

Healthy Day Cares

Evaluate the effectiveness of the "Healthy Day Cares" initiative, of the Westlawn Partnership for a Healthier Environment: A Level II CARE (Community Action for a Renewed Environment) Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. EPA. Healthy Day Cares uses a Healthy Homes framework to improve indoor air quality and reduce asthma triggers in Westlawn-area Home Day Cares. Westlawn is home to Wisconsin's largest public housing project and suffers from a wide range of environmental health problems. Asthma rates in Westlawn, especially among children, are among the highest in the State.

Tasks and responsibilities:

1. Assist with relevant literature search to be used in development of manuscript for publication. 2. Assist with phone surveys to assess the effectiveness of Healthy Day Cares education. 3. Work with community health workers, to understand the Healthy Day Cares educational programs, which student is helping to evaluate. 4. Assist with manuscript draft.