Office of Undergraduate Research

Incorporation of clinical ultrasound array for thermoacoustic imaging with VHF and particle beam excitation

The Patch lab will be in transition during summer 2013. We will incorporate a clinical transducer array and research-friendly ultrasound system into the current ex vivo thermoacoustic computed tomography (TCT) testbed. We will also investigate the possibility of imaging a particle therapy beam as used for cancer treatment. The upgraded testbed should improve image quality somewhat and significantly reduce scan time. It will require extensive testing and validation. Simple phantoms will be imaged to quantify system resolution and slice sensitivity, SNR and CNR. After basic system validation, healthy animal tissue will be imaged as was done in previous testbeds. We will develop accurate estimates of signal generated and scan time required for human tissue specimens.

Tasks and responsibilities:

All members of the Patch Lab will learn the basic operation of the new Verasonics ultrasound system. Although it is not an FDA approved system, it utilizes clinical transducer arrays.