Office of Undergraduate Research

Local Elections in America Project (LEAP)

The Local Elections in America Project (LEAP) has two goals. The first is the creation of a software application that develops the first national local elections database in the US. To supplement the software-based data collection efforts, we are working on two additional data projects. The first is an archive of city charters for all cities in our sample (n=5,000). The second is a database of the legislative structures that govern those city elections - when are elections held, what are the names of the executive/legislative offices, etc. The second goal of LEAP is the examination the centrality of race/ethnicity in local electoral politics . Thus, we are creating a third "meta-database" of candidate race information.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Students would work on four related tasks: locating city charter data from city/county websites, use voter lists to match candidate race/ethnicity or candidates, conducting online and other research to get biographical information on candidates, and assisting with collecting information on city electoral and governing arrangements.