Office of Undergraduate Research

Home Activity Database and Modeling

The prupose of this project is to collect home activity data to create a database to be used in the development of a home activity modeling and prediction tool using smartphone technology. In home health monitoring is a major issue in health care for rehabilitation and aging, providing lower costs and more comfort for the patient. However, current technology to monitor in home activity is costly, intrusive, and may not cautpure essential actvities of daily living that are important indicators of increasing wellbeing or decreases in function. Smartphone technology offers a non-intrusive, less expensive method of monitoring activity. The R2D2 Center is currently working with smart computing scientists to create algorithms that can model and predict a persons in home activity. However, this takes an extensive database of actual activity to achieve. This pilot data will contribute to a proof of concept, which will then be used in grant proposals to NSF, NIH, and OSERs.

Tasks and responsibilities:

The student will be responsible for contacting, interacting with, and training participants, writing an IRB, collecting, sorting, and coding the data. The student will work with her research mentor and the researchers at the R2D2 Center in creating a protocol to be used to ensure the the participants are collecting the necessary data in the appropriate way. The student will also have an opportunity to be a part of an actual federal grant proposal submission.