Office of Undergraduate Research

Advancing Reading and Math through Art

This is a federally granted project pertaining to the program ARTS IN EDUCATION MODEL DEVELOPMENT AND DISSEMINATION GRANT. Its goal is to increase student achievement in Literacy and Math through a project-based curriculum centered on Studio Thinking Habits of Mind and art into Reading, Language Arts and Math subject areas. The project site is Bruce-Guadalupe Community School (BGCS), a K3-8th grade University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee charter school located in the near south side of Milwaukee, WI. The project has 4 objectives: - Improve students performance in Math and Language through art - Improve students studio practice - Improve teachers skills on curriculum integration - Improve students' understanding of cultural arts The project follows a pseudo-experimental methodology that includes retracing and interpreting existing data of MAP tests, clinic observations of instruction and student work directed by rubrics, and teachers' journal.

Tasks and responsibilities:

- Students will participate in teacher-clinics and will participate with teachers at BGCS in parallel curriculum planning -Students will provide instructional support to BGCS teachers during the implementation of project during Fall 2011 - Students will help in the preparation of lessons - Students will participate in the process of reflection by taking fieldnotes in a journal - Students will help in the assessment of BGCS