Office of Undergraduate Research

By Any Media Necessary: Superhybrid Forms of Contemporary Art

"By Any Media Necessary" is a project initiated by INOVA (Institute of Visual Arts) in the Peck School of the Arts. The project explores the evolution of interdisciplinary practices by looking closely at artists who assimilate the theory and craft of performing arts and visual arts to create art that does not neatly fit into a single category. Their work often erases boundaries between studio, gallery, and stage, and occupies a fertile creative territory outside of conventional genres. This art is super-hybrid: time-based, audio-visual-physical experiences that take place in performed environments where action and interplay generate unusual relationships between artist, audience, image, object, and venue. The project will culminate in a series of programs at INOVA and/or a publication.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Student researcher will: Research specific artists and their work, write artists bios and compile bibliographies Research relevant artistic movements and theories Assist INOVA Director in planning future programs related to the research topic