Office of Undergraduate Research

Bouki Blues: The Music of the Sahel

This is a documentary in progress of footage that was filmed on location in 3 countries in West Africa. The objective of this research was to record traditional African musicians who lived along the Sahel River as a way of identifying its relationship to the development of American Blues. The research was collaborative and production took place over 3 months in 2001. I have not returned to the area. There are 4 languages in this documentary of interviews taken in Senegal, Mali and Mauritania.

Tasks and responsibilities:

If a film student, I am in need of organizing and digitizing and reformatting of files from DVD tapes to a HD format. Ultimately I would like to get help with editing. If you are not a film student and have the capacity to speak French, Wollof, Hasinia or Bambana(from Mali), I would use your help to translate recorded interviews