Office of Undergraduate Research

Digitizing the Russian Classics

Since 1995, long before Google, The Fundamental Digital Library of Russian Literature and Folklore ( has been a pioneer in digitizing mass quantities of books. Unlike other digital libraries, it is research-oriented and available for free to anyone with Internet access. FEB-web is now the largest digital repository of Russian scholarly editions in the world and has already revolutionized the methods of textual analysis and literary history. As more texts - the raw data, if you will - become available online, the research possibilities grow and grow. Digitization is the first step in this process, and the most urgent and vital project in literary scholarship today. The UWM digitization team is one of several and works in concert with other FEB-web teams based in Russia and Europe.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Students participate in progressively more complex tasks of digitization, starting with scanning and character recognition and moving toward tagging and, potentially, corpus analysis, concordance-building, and other analytical tasks. Interested students with advanced Russian language skills can also be involved in preparatory textological, compilation, and attribution work. Interested students with limited Russian and advanced programming skills can be involved in data extraction and social network analysis of existing data.