Office of Undergraduate Research

Center for 21st Century Studies Student Blog

The Center for 21st Century Studies recently launched a student blog ( in order to highlight the unique perspectives of undergraduate students on Center events. No aspect of Center events is off limit for the bloggers, whose entries have included poetry, rap lyrics, insightful commentary, and a mélange of quotes that get to the heart of issues explored at the Center. With the blog, the Center seeks to publicize its events to students and encourage student participation in Center activities.

Tasks and responsibilities:

The student will be expected to attend all of the Center's public events in the Spring 2009 semester and write brief, 500-word blog entries that document their responses. The blog entries are due within 24 hours of the events, making it critical that the students hired have the ability to meet tight deadlines. Once the student blogger has written a post, he or she uploads it to a password-protected website where it must be approved by the Center's Editor before going public. The student blogger has a great deal of creative freedom in responding to Center events, as past blog entries have included a wide variety of formats and genres. The student bloggers will certainly need strong writing skills as well as a firm grounding in liberal arts so that they will be able to understand the complex issues explored at the Center.