Office of Undergraduate Research

Interpreting Immigrant Muslim Cultural Landscapes

This project examines the physical and social worlds of Muslim immigrants in Milwaukee and Chicago. In order to understand these worlds, we are conducting oral history interviews with immigrants and their first generation children. We are also documenting places that are important for the community. Such places include stores, homes, public spaces, religious institutions, and cultural venues. The Chicago part of this project focuses on an ethnic street called Devon Avenue, located on the Northern edge of the city, south of Skokie. We are documenting immigrant businesses and public spaces along this street. We are also interviewing storeowners and shoppers. The Milwaukee project focusses on the immigrant community along Layton Avenue, near the airport. Here we are mapping, measuring and drawing stores, places of worship, schools and other public spaces. We are interviewing members of the Milwaukee muslim immigrant community. We are particularly interested in interviewing members of the South Asian (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan), Burmese, and Somali immigrant communities.

Tasks and responsibilities:

1. Use InDesign and Photoshop to layout and produce project brochure (only layout, editing, and desktop production) 2. Transcribe interview data from raw wav files. 3. Do library research on targeted literature survey. 4. Sort, evaluate and produce maps and graphs out of census and other forms of demographic data.