Office of Undergraduate Research

South Asian Immigrant Cultural Landscapes in the United States

This is a book project. The book examines South Asian immigrant identity by analyzing their architecture, culture and politics (specifically the politics of inhabiting, construing, and transforming space and artifacts). Chapters explore objects of material culture: maps, architecture, photographs, journals and cultural sites that were produced and/or used by Indian immigrants in San Francisco between 1900-1920. Each chapter examines how these media were employed in sustaining everyday life in the new world. I am currently completing my book manuscript for the University of Minnesota Press.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Create book quality images and visual reproductions from photographs, scans, maps, and sketches. Use CAD or SketchUp software to create plans, sections, and axonometric drawings from existing blueprints and measurements. Use InDesign and/or Photoshop to make production quality illustrations