Office of Undergraduate Research

Microfluidics and Planktonic Animals

Modern trends in engineering include designing machines so tiny that these machines (1) can be incorporated into bodies and (2) can handle minute amounts of fluids. Planktonic animals have fulfilled these criteria for eons (at least 500,000,000 years). They are often parasites that handle small amounts of fluids to feed on the suspended material in these volumes. Engineers call this type of science Microfluidics. This project is located at the School of Freshwater Science: 600 E. Greenfield Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53204 ***Campus Shuttle Service to The School of Freshwater Science is now available!***

Tasks and responsibilities:

The studentýs job will be to figure out how the principles of fluidics are realized in these planktonic animals. In addition, it would be great to find new principles of microfluidics while observing these animals performing their daily chores. A real ride in curiosity!