Office of Undergraduate Research

Mechanisms Underlying Perception of Speech

Our laboratory investigates the mechanisms of speech perception through the presentation of carefully constructed and/or modified speech stimuli to human research participants. Volunteers are asked to listen to stimuli and to make judgement on what they hear. Their responses are recorded and analyzed statistically to determine: 1) if the results fall in line with the specific hypothesis of that particular experiment; 2) if the results lend support to particular models of speech perception.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Undergraduate research assistants' (RA) primary responsibilities are to administer the experiments to the research volunteers, to collect and tabulate the resultant data, and to record various administrative data required by the university and the lab's granting agency. As the RA gains experience in the lab and its processes, they may be relied upon to assist in the training of newer RAs, the analysis of collected data, and the preparation and/or evaluation of experimental stimuli.