Office of Undergraduate Research

Revegetation of small-scale disturbances in prairies and oldfields at the Field Station

Small-scale disturbances in plant communities create open patches that may allow new species to invade. We are investigating to what extent open patches in existing old-field vegetation favor the establishment of invasive exotic plants over native species, and whether seeding patches with native, prairie plants can minimize colonization of exotics. We have a large number of bare patches in open fields at the Field Station, which we will seed with a mix of prairie species at varying densities this summer while also leaving some patches unseeded. We will follow the development of vegetation in the patches over time.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Will participate in marking, seeding and sampling vegetation plots in the field. Will need to learn to identify different plants and keep careful records. Training will be provided. This is a great opportunity to begin to learn plant identification and vegetation sampling methods for students interested in restoration.