Office of Undergraduate Research

An Analysis of Research with Racial/Ethnic Minorities in School Psychology from Past to Present

The purpose of this study is to further the current understanding of the state of research regarding racial/ethnic minorities within school psychology. Specifically, this study will provide a review and discussion of the evolution of diversity issues in school psychology practices, as covered within the Journal of School Psychology, School Psychology Quarterly, Psychology in the Schools, and School Psychology Review so as to further understanding of where we have been, where we are, and where the field is headed regarding the inclusion of racial/ethnic diversity in research. Content analysis will be used to code the following content: focus of the study, characteristics of the sample, how racial/ethnic diversity was addressed, the outcomes of the study, and specific implications for racial/ethnic minorities.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Students interested in this project will be required to review article databases and collect articles. Students will be required to code data from the articles. Students will also provide reliability checks for the data analyzed in this study.