Welcome to UW-Milwaukee PantherList

PantherList, UW-Milwaukee's new reflector/list service for managing electronic mail discussion and lists, is now available. PantherList (www.pantherlist.uwm.edu) enables list owners to self-administer spam filtering, archiving, bounce processing, content filtering and digest delivery and also makes it easy for list members and subscribers to manage their accounts.

Want to Create a PantherList?

To create a new list, point your browser to www.pantherlist.uwm.edu.

Note: Classlist functionality is available as of 8/29/05!

Want to Migrate a UWM Reflector/List to PantherList?

To assist in migrating existing UWM lists to PantherList, list owners need to first locate, review and update the lists through the UR Web utility.
Note:If you don't use a reflector anymore and don't want it migrated to PantherList, please delete it through UR Web.

Step 1 - Point your browser to the UR Web utility: http://www.uwm.edu/cgi-bin/IMT/AlphaSvcs/urWeb/bin/login.cgi

Step 2 – Review and update the UWM lists that you “own”:

Step 3 – Delete all lists reviewed in Step 2 that are no longer used and will not be migrated to PantherList.

Step 4 – Point your browser to www.pantherlist.uwm.edu, then click the Contact Help Desk link: http://www4.uwm.edu/pantherlist/webform/PantherListHelp.html

Step 5 – Complete the PantherList Help Form. Include the request to migrate your UWM Reflector/Listserv to PantherList, including the UWM Reflector/Listserv name, in the Please describe the problem: section of the form.

Step 6 – Press the Submit button. The UITS Help Desk will respond.

For detailed information about PantherList, point your browser to the Frequently Asked Questions at: http://www4.uwm.edu/pantherlist/pantherlist_owner_faqs.cfm