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June 30, 2015

Alternative Transportation Options to UWM

Car Share/Ride Share

  • Zimride is a rideshare service where you can plan a trip and use social media to find a carpool to get to where you need to be. With Zimride, you can find UWM friends, classmates, and coworkers going the same way you are. UWM Zimride helps you offer or request rides for commutes, road trips, and popular events. If you have a car, split costs by offering rides. If you don't have a car, find rides where you need to go.
    By logging on, you can view all the trips that come to and from UWM. There hundreds of rides coming to UWM and all over Milwaukee every day. Zimride is partnered with UWM to make your experience easy, so your UWM account is already loaded into Zimride. You can activate your account any time by just logging in.
    Who can use this site?
    UWM Zimride is restricted to students, staff & faculty and requires an ePantherID to gain access.
Private Transportation


Biking at UWM:

Oak Leaf Trail:

MCTS - Strike Update

 - ATU Local 998, the union that represents MCTS bus drivers, will go on strike as of 3 am on Wednesday, July 1, 2015. Come 3 am, all MCTS service, including Route 143 that serves Ozaukee County and Route 6, 61 and 279 that serve Waukesha and Washington Counties, will be suspended until further notice. The union says they will return to work on Saturday, July 4, 2015.

Visit for more info.


June 12, 2015

Updates from MCTS


 June 1, 2015

Summer Parking Options

Parking is available to everyone at the Northwest Quad Garage. During June, July & August, daily parking is $4, weekly $15 & monthly $50. Daily & weekly permits can be purchased at the NWQ  garage - Hartford entrance (M-F 8a-3p). Daily, weekly and monthly permits can be purchased at the Parking & Transit office (M-F 8a-4:30p).

Exclusive to students - Weekly permits for the Pavilion garage - $10. Purchases can be made at the Parking & Transit office.



May 28, 2015

UBUSes not running during summer break - Starting May 26th

Please note that UBUSes only run during the Fall and Spring semesters.  This includes route 40U, 42U, 44U, and 49U.


May 21, 2015

Chapman/Enderis  & Garland Permits


Permits Available for other locations!


May 18, 2015

Log your bike mileage!

Join your fellow Panthers in proving that UWM logs the most miles by bike in the City of Milwaukee by visiting the League of American Cyclists Town-Gown Showdown website to register as a UWM rider today!


May 13, 2015

2015-2016  Parking & Transit Information


May 12, 2015

2015-2016 Permits Are Now Available

You can stop by the Parking & Transit office to sign up for 2015-2016 permits. They are available on a first come first serve basis. Certain lots have a limited supply of permits.


May 12, 2015

Student UPASS (MCard) - Summer Students

If you are a student registered for summer classes, you will need to re-register your UPASS to prevent any interruptions in service. You will need to bring your student ID and UPASS card, you can either stop by the Parking & Transit office or email   the information (ID # & UPASS #) to 


 May 11, 2015

Staff/Faculty Parking Changes - Why? 


May 4, 2015

New Parking Maps & Rate Sheet Available

Please reference the new Permit Parking and Hourly Parking maps, as well as the new 2015-16 Rate Sheet, when considering your parking options for the 2015-16 Academic Year.  The permit rates go into effect June 1, 2015 and the new hourly pricing structures will go into effect on July 1, 2015. 


May 4, 2015

Student Parking Changes

In an effort to enhance the attractiveness of sustainable transportation modes, increase pedestrian and bicycle safety on campus, and improve availability of parking spaces for those who must drive, the Student Association, at the request of the Parking and Transit Office and of the Nelson Nygaard Parking and Transportation Study decided to decrease funding to subsidized parking, a service that all students were paying approximately $1.3 million for, or about $1,500 per parking spot. By subsidizing parking with this very large amount of money, driving was incentivized, even for those that wouldn’t use it otherwise. This causes large logistical problems for those that needed it most but couldn’t find parking. Originally, the Student Association decided to reduce the money allocated for parking after the 2015-2016 academic year; however, the looming budget cuts projected for UWM forced the Student Association to make these reallocations sooner than expected. 

Nonetheless, this policy decision will positively impact campus in several ways. For instance, reallocations encourage students living in the neighborhood surrounding campus to bus, bike, or walk, thus helping to improve the convenience of parking for UWM students who live a driving distance from campus or have other extenuating circumstances and must drive. One of the biggest student complaints received was that there was no spaces left for those commuting many miles away in the parking garages. Students were paying $1.3 million for parking designed to help students from far away, but those students weren’t actually getting to use those spots. Part of The Office of Parking and Transit’s assessment included looking at other schools’ parking system, and they found we were one of the very few urban universities in the country to offer “free” parking. The system was unsustainable. 

This policy change will advance the UWM transportation system forward into the 21st century cultivating a more modern and sustainable transportation culture for UWM students today, tomorrow and in years to come. Ultimately, the decrease in funding will assist UWM to provide parking for those who truly need it, while making strides to become a more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly campus. We’d love to answer any questions at 

On that note, UWM is excited to announce a new partnership with Bublr bikes! This is a bikeshare program that will be completely free for students in the first year. Six stations will be placed around campus and be integrated into Milwaukee's already thriving system of bikes right on UWM's campus, to go live by the end of August. Exploring Milwaukee and getting around quickly could never be easier, or cheaper for students. Again, we'd love to answer any questions at 



April 13,2015

Message Regarding Inappropriate Use of U-PASS M-Cards

MCTS has become aware of occurrences by U-PASS card holders not using the pass appropriately. 

The U-PASS M-Card is to be used by the card holder only.  When the card holder boards the bus, the card must touch the farebox, then their student ID must be shown to the operator (driver) for validation.  If the picture on the ID card is not the same as the person presenting the card to the operator, or the U-PASS holder fails to show their student ID to the driver, the occurrence is recorded by the farebox.  After several times of misuse, the card maybe or will be blocked.

If the farebox displays “Invalid Pass” upon boarding, the card was likely tagged as being misused and has been blocked. The U-PASS holder will have to get a new pass and pay a replacement fee. It may take a few days to receive the new U-PASS M-Card.   

Please be mindful that MCTS is taking measures to prevent misuse of all cards.  The U-PASS program is a great student benefit that is for the student only, it may not be sold to others.


April 9, 2015 UPDATED

Spring 2015 UPASS Term Ending  

A reminder to all students that the U-PASS program ends for the
semester on May 22nd. This date will be the last day you will receive
unlimited bus service from MCTS unless you enroll in summer classes.

You can still choose to use your U-PASS as a regular M●CARD all summer long to travel to work, restaurants -- even Summerfest. Just load it with 1-, 7- or a 31-day pass or Stored Value of any amount between $2 and $50 up to $100. The M●CARD offers a discounted rate compared to  paying cash ($1.75 vs $2.25). With the M●CARD you’ll never need to  worry about having the exact change -- everything you need is on one powerful card!

You should hold onto your M●CARD to use in the fall semester when the U-PASS program starts up again.  Important Note - if you lose your pass you will need to buy a new one in the fall for $15. 

If you are graduating or not planning to return to school, you should keep your M●CARD and load it with passes or stored value to continue to enjoy the ease and comfort of the transit system.  If you have any questions please call or email the Parking and Transit office.


March 27, 2015

Academic Year 2015-16 Parking Rates

Parking & Transit will implement a new, tiered parking rate structure on July 1, 2015.  Information regarding these adjustments can be found at Academic Year 2015-16 Parking Rates


March 24, 2015 

P-K Charge Slip Enforcement

The Office of Parking & Transit has witnessed a recent increase of P-K charge slips in circulation that are not properly validated.  In an effort to protect campus resources, Parking & Transit will be strictly enforcing P-K charge slip authorization.

All P-K charge slips must have both a date and departmental signature to be valid.  P-K charge slips without these items will no longer be accepted by pay booth attendants under any circumstance beginning Wednesday, April 6.


March 19, 2015  

UPASS Cards - Keep Them Don't Toss Them

Retain your current UPASS M-CARD!  Current cards will be re-activated for all enrolled students beginning in September 2015.  Keep your card to avoid registration lines and a $15 lost card fee which will be administered for replacement cards.

Request UPASS M-CARD activation for Summer Session 2015 by e-mail ( or by visiting the Parking & Transit Office. Active Summer Session enrollment required to be eligible.  To reactivate the card you will need to provide:

  1. First and Last Name
  2. 9-Digit UWM Student ID Number
  3. MCTS M-CARD ID Number

March 9, 2015

In-Car Meter Payment Changes

The Parking & Transit Office is modifying payment options for in-car meters.  Beginning May 1, 2015; the following adjustments will take affect:

  • The minimum deposit allowable by cash or credit card will be reduced to $20
  • Payment by payroll deduction will be elminated
These changes are being implemented in preparation for a transition from the in-car meter system to a new technology that will be introduced over summer.

Watch this site in the coming months for announcements related to the new parking system.



Milwaukee County Transit System has announced two new and improved services: the Gold Line (UWM-Brookfield Square) & 30X (UWM-Downtown Milw). See Map for details.


Wisconsin Coach Lines - NEW

Starting on Monday, September 22nd, 2014 students and staff that present a valid UWM U-PASS or UWM Faculty ID (with a Commuter Value Pass) will be able to ride at no cost to and from the UWM Campus on Waukesha 901, 904*, and 905* routes.

*On some 904 & 905 routes a transfer is needed to complete the trip to or from the UWM campus. Transfers are made on the southwest corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Cass Streets in downtown Milwaukee. Ask your driver for details.

UWM Focuses on Transportation and Parking Issues

With changes to the main campus, emergent satellite campuses, more housing options, and a dynamic student body, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee continues to face transportation challenges for the 30,000+ people a day it serves. Parking, bus service, and even bicycle parking are among the more challenging issues faced daily by students, staff, and faculty. 

In Fall 2013, UWM hired an interdisciplinary transportation consultant team to kick-off a comprehensive parking and transportation study. This effort is looking closely at all of the transportation needs of UWM, from all perspectives, and will include reviews of:

  • Parking location, pricing and eligibility
  • Shuttle services - who they serve and how well
  • Bicycling - how do we build off recent campus successes
  • MCTS - how can it work better for UWM
  • Alternative Transportation - how do we take advantage of all options
The study helping to understand how transportation systems work today, gain input from students, faculty, and staff on ideas for improvements, and then make recommendations for how UWM can improve transit, facilities for cyclists and walkers, and best manage parking.

Please monitor for updates on event schedules, leaving your feedback, and reading that of others.

UWM: Best Workplace for Commuters

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has been designated as one of the BEST Workplaces for commuters by the National Center for Transit Research at the University of South Florida for meeting the National Standard of Excellence for outstanding commuter benefits. These benefits promote energy conservation by reducting traffic congestion and related air pollution.


The Capitol / Humboldt UPARK lot is the only UPARK lot available. 

Northwest Quadrant Parking Garage & Levels 4 and 5 of the Pavilion Garage Basement

The parking structure located at the Northwest Quadrant (formerly Columbia Hospital) and Floors 4 & 5 of the Pavilion (next to Klotsche Center) are reserved for student parking only. Parking is free to students with a valid UWM Student ID & Red Parking Sticker (required to enter the garage). Northwest Quadrant surface parking lots are available (parking rates apply) to the public, visitors, faculty and staff.

Parking Rates

Current On Campus Parking Rates are available online! Follow the link for information about parking rates at UWM.


U-PASS is your pass to cash! Pick up your U-PASS at the Parking & Transit Office on the ground floor of the Student Union and take advantage of its many perks today. U-PASS is already paid for in your student fees: You just need to pick it up! With U-PASS or M-Card, UWM students get unlimited rides on the Milwaukee County Transit System. Just show it to the driver along with a valid student ID when you get on board.

Shuttle to School of Freshwater Sciences!

UWM will be providing shuttle bus service from the Kenwood Campus (Union & Golda Meir Library) to the School of Freshwater Sciences at 600 E Greenfield Avenue. The shuttle schedule is arranged around classes scheduled at the school and will run at different times Mondays through Thursdays. The shuttle schedule can be accessed from the link on this page (upper right).


+ All MCTS Bus Rides Are FREE on Monday, July 6th
Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele announced that all MCTS buses will be free on Monday, July 6, 2016. Monday is first weekday since the conclusion of drivers’ union went on a three day strike, stranding tens of thousands of people who rely on MCTS to get to work, school and doctor’s appointments.
+ Strike Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) English & Spanish
The union’s decision means tens of thousands of people who rely on MCTS to get to work, school and doctor’s appointments every day will have to find other transportation.
+ MCTS Drivers Unions Calls for a Strike, All Bus Service Suspended Beginning Wednesday
As of 3 am Wednesday, July 1, 2015, all Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) bus service will be suspended because of a strike by the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 998. ATU leaders called for a work stoppage despite significant attempts and concessions from MCTS during a daylong negotiation session.
+ MCTS Remains Committed to Avoiding a Transit Strike
The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) is encouraging the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 998 to stay on the job. ATU leaders say they may go on strike Wednesday, despite a new contract proposal from MCTS that would increase bus drivers and mechanics pay.
+ MCTS Offers Contract Proposal to Drivers Who Have Threatened to Strike
The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) presented a four-year contract offer to the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 998 today that will increase bus driver pay and lower their pension contribution.
Summer is finally here, and it’s the perfect time to visit Miller Park. Fans of all ages can get out of the house, enjoy the warm weather, and make memories as they cheer on the Brewers!
The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) is making it easier than ever to explore and enjoy summer. From routes that get to your favorite music fest or a friends barbeque, to a relaxing day at the pool or the sunset in the park - this summer - MCTS Takes You There!
The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) will be heading out into the community beginning on Friday, May 1st to continue distribution of the GO Pass to eligible riders.
+ The Greater Milwaukee Foundation Offers Free MCTS Rides for EVERYONE on April 28th
Rides on all MCTS buses will be free for everyone on April 28, 2015 thanks to the Greater Milwaukee Foundation.
For more Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) information, trip planning, news, service alerts, schedules, visit the MCTS Website (, or call MCTS at (414)344-6711.