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Bikes on Campus

Between gas prices, car payments, traffic and construction delays, and health concerns it's no wonder so many people choose to bike to campus. It's an effective, healthy, inexpensive, and fun alternative that is attracting more and more commuters all over the world.

Keeping Your Wheels Safe

If you have a bike on or near campus, here are a few precautions to keep it safe.

Rent a Bike Locker On CampusCycle-Safe bike lockers are secure and weatherproof lockers that are available to residents of University Housing. Each unit is keyed separately. Fifty storage units are available near the South Tower on a first-come, first-served basis. Program administration and cost for bike locker rental is determined by University Housing.

Union Adventure Center Bike Loan Program

B.I.G. -- Biking Interest Group

Created to promote biking as a commuter option for UWM faculty and staff, and to advocate for campus policies and facilities that support bike commuters.