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Regular "Hunting" Permit

This permit is valid for parking in designated surface lots (see map). This permit does not assure the holder of a parking space. When the convenient spaces are all taken the permit holder should expect to look for space in a less convenient area designated for paid staff parking and walk to his/her destination.

This permit does not represent permission to park in a public parking area (7 a.m. - 3 p.m.) without paying the parking fee. Cars displaying valid Regular faculty/staff paid permits may only park at regular public spaces in EMS, the Pavilion, and Sandburg without paying the meter fee only after 3 p.m. weeknights and on weekends. This never includes: "short-term" meters (60 minutes or less); the Union garage; the School of Business garage; spaces reserved for authorized users; or special use and special visitor parking.

Park in front of this sign:

Reserved Parking Sign