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Bikes on Campus

Parking Options

Information for campus community members interested in on-campus parking.

Student Parking

Options for commuting students and Sandburg residents. Residents of Kenilworth Apartments, Purin Hall and RiverView should refer to University Housing for parking information.

Employee Parking

On-campus eligibility requirements and options for faculty and staff members, including Emeriti permits.

Departmental Parking

Policies, rates, and availability of space for department/campus vehicles as well as special guests.

Kenilworth Parking - Non students.

Parking is available on monthly basis at a cost of $100/month. Parking is limited and it is 24/7 access. Kenilworth Parking Application.

Game Day Parking

Policies, resources, and information for game day parking options.

Motorcycles and Mopeds

Policies, rates and distribution of parking for smaller street-legal motor vehicles.

Parking Regulations

A comprehensive overview of procedures and policies relating to campus parking and system management.

Enforcement and Citations

Policy and complete schedule of violation fines. Citation appeals process.

Transit and Parking benefit program 

Learn how a pre-tax expense account managed through TASC can save you money whether you are a transit rider, carpooler, or park & ride user.