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Where to Park and Where Not to Park

Where to Park

DA reserved spaces are located in all University parking lots. Qualified vehicles not displaying a UWM DA permit may park in any designated DA parking spaces; however, payment of the applicable parking fee is required. Pay the parking meter, pay station or cashier.

Individuals with the prepaid UWM DA permit may also park at 30-minute meters and any other regular space within the lot. These UWM DA permits are not valid at special visitor reserved spaces, F/S reserved spaces or in spaces where parking is posted as: "Authorized by the UWM Parking Department."

Where Not to Park

Do not park at any bagged meter spaces. These are specially reserved spaces or special event spaces.

Do not park in designated indoor reserved areas.

Do not park in posted service areas marked "Authorized by Parking Department" or "No Parking Zones."

If legal spaces are "full" you must seek alternative parking. Lack of legal space is not acceptable cause to park illegally.